Speed Secrets II (English Edition) por Ross Bentley

July 16, 2019

Speed Secrets II (English Edition) por Ross Bentley

Titulo del libro: Speed Secrets II (English Edition)

Autor: Ross Bentley

Número de páginas: 160 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 28, 2003

Editor: Motorbooks

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Ross Bentley con Speed Secrets II (English Edition)

Discover the secrets that will make you a faster and more successful racecar driver with this up-to-date insight into the latest techniques in racing. Professional driver and driving coach Ross Bentley, reveals what it takes to be fast and win races at the highest levels. Chock full of diagrams and concise "speed secrets," Bentley has created an all-new approach to learning and perfecting the ideal line around the racetrack. He teaches you how to turn errors into more speed, left-foot braking techniques, as well as three sure-fire ways to lower your best lap time. Ross Bentley, who is the author of Speed Secrets, Inner Speed Secrets, and Bob Bondurant on Race Kart Driving, was a driver for the winning SRPII team at the Rolex 24 Hour race at Daytona. Ross is a member of Team Seattle, which also took home second place in SRPII. The two Team Seattle cars finished 7th and 8th overall in a field of 44 cars.