Australia's East Coast by Road (English Edition) por Brian Lawrenson

December 15, 2019

Australia's East Coast by Road (English Edition) por Brian Lawrenson

Titulo del libro: Australia's East Coast by Road (English Edition)

Autor: Brian Lawrenson

Número de páginas: 106 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 29, 2016

Editor: Marco Polo Press

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Brian Lawrenson con Australia's East Coast by Road (English Edition)

Australia's East Coast is the most densely populated part of Australia but is also the most picturesque. The major population centres are Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Cairns is the northern gateway, 1,800 kilometres (1,100 miles) to the north of Brisbane. Many Australians make the journey between these cities. The national highway 1 is the shortest route but this eBook presents a longer but far more attractive route that hugs the coastline.
The book is a story of our travels along the coast. We've done it many times, each time finding something new. It's a long way and not for the fainthearted. It is a lot of driving and typically ten days or more are needed for the journey. Six week to enjoy and relax and absorb the atmosphere, would be better for those that have the time. We call in at hundreds of small communities both along the coast and in the hinterland. Here we learn more about what they have to offer and about their unique Australian culture. An extensive list of web site links is included for those that want to read more about this coast and get copies of more detailed maps. This is not a guide book but it contains greater details of the places that we visit than what you'll find in most guidebooks. It does not cover the capital cities, here guidebooks can help.
The book describes the journey from Cairns to Brisbane, Brisbane to Sydney and Sydney to Melbourne. The trip can be made in the opposite direction.
The book also contains over 30 photographs.
Come join us on this marvellous, adventure filled journey. You'll be pleased that you did.